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Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors, Fits 79-93

The Fox chassis is known to be a weak point with the overall car.  Early unibody cars just did not have the strength that we have all become used to in today's vehicles.  The best way to tie the front and rear subframes together are with....Subframe Connectors.  

Maximum Motorsports offers a few different style subframe connectors for you to choose from.  All of the options tie into the seat mounting location for further strengthening of the floor pan area.  This modification is a must for any Fox Mustang, whether your replacing a botched connector install from a previous owner, or have a car that this hasn't been done to.


  • Welding required for installation.
  • MM XL Series subframe connectors are 95% stiffer than standard subframe connectors.
  • MM subframe connectors are strong enough that you can lift the car by placing a jack anywhere along the length of the connector tube!
  • Extends from the rear lower control arm attachment point on the rear subframe all the way up to the firewall, providing substantially more weld area than other connectors.
  • Made of 1.5" x 2" x .083" wall thickness rectangular tubing.
  • MM XL Series subframe connectors do not hang any lower than the lowest part of the car-the exhaust system.

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