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Maximum Motorsports K-Member (Fits 79-95)

At the heart of the front suspension is the front K-Member.  The K-Member ties the front frame rails together, locates your front control arms, as well as the engine.  Maximum Motorsports understands the importance of this one component and have designed it to outlast the vehicle itself.

Changing out the K-Member to the MM unit is a big step in removing weight from the front of the car.  While removing weight is important it shouldn't come at the expense of strength.  Maximum Motorsports uses thicker gauge steel and larger tube sizes than others on the market to accomplish just that. 

Note: This is a big mod, as mentioned this is the heart of the front suspension.  Changing out the K-Member also requires:

  • Tubular front control arms
  • Front coil-over conversion with high-performance struts
  • MM Aluminum Steering Rack Bushings
  • Caster camber plates
  • Bolt-through-style bumpsteer kit
  • Short swaybar endlinks
  • Front swaybar relocation brackets required with non-offset and forward-offset Front Control Arms


  • Can be used with different engines including:
    • 5.0L pushrod, 302, 351W, 4.2L, 3.8L, 2.3L
  • Can be used with swap engines including:
    • 4.6L modular, 2V and 4V; 5.4L modular, 3.8L V6, 5.0 Coyote, LSx
  • Raised front control arm pivot points; 2 positions accommodate the ride heights of both street-driven Mustangs and race cars.
  • Control arm pivot points move straight forward 0.75".
  • Accepts fitment of other aftermarket front control arms that replicate the stock control arm pivot bushing locations, and have smaller-than-stock bushings.
  • Includes a 2-point chassis brace (both stock and aftermarket K-members need a brace).
  • Control arm pivot points located the same distance from the vehicle centerline as 1987-1995 V8 Mustangs (further than 1979-1986 Mustangs).
  • Maintains stock engine mount height for best oil pan clearance.
  • Maintains stock 4.6L engine fore/aft location.
  • No modifications needed to the engine mounts, unlike many other aftermarket K-members that require removing the anti-twist feature.
  • Includes features to ease squaring to the chassis during installation.
  • Includes 2 MM Low-Profile Front Control Arm Bolts for improved clearance between the rubber steering rack boot and the heads of the two forward pivot bolts.
  • Black powdercoating for protection and good looks
  • Track tested by winning American Iron racers: too many to count.
  • Made by MM in San Luis Obispo, California. Beware of poor-quality copies made overseas!



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