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Universal Vents

Trackspec Motorsports produces many different vehicle specific hood vents and louvers. They also make a variety of universal ducts to match your needs for any application! Whether you looking to duct your hood, vent high pressure air from the wheel wells, or just looking for clean solution to some other venting needs Trackspec has you covered. 

Each vent is meticulously engineered and manufactured specifically for each chassis, right here in the USA. Each vent is made with a "backbone" design to maintain structural integrity and is powder coated satin black for a durable and clean look.


  • Installs easily with supplied templates. 
  • Optimized louver design to maximize extraction flow velocities within a vehicle in motion 
  • Reduces under hood pressure to reduce front end lift and increase vehicle downforce. 
  • Significantly reduces under hood temperatures by extracting heat and allowing fresh cold air to enter the engine bay. 
  • Increases dense, cold air flow through radiator to promote lower coolant temperatures. 
  • Louver backbone design maintains hood structural rigidity.  
  • Included in kit: Templates for cutting, rivets, washers, installation instructions, and necessary spacers for a factory quality installation. 
  • Powder coated Satin Black for clean appearance and durability.

Small AngularProduct measures 4" x 12", angled 15 degrees from the horizontal.

Small Rectangle - Product measures 4" x 12", with square corners.

Large Angular - Product measures 5.5" x 12", angled 15 degrees from the horizontal.

Large Rectangle - Product measures 5.5" x 12" with square corners.

T1 Center Louver - Product measures 13.50" long front to rear, 14.75" wide on the leading edge, and 19.75" wide across the trailing edge.

GT2 Center Louver - Product measures 14.75" long front to rear, 24" wide on the leading edge, and 26" wide across the trailing edge.

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