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StopTech Big Brake Kit (Fits 87-93)

This kit is built to order and does have a lead time of 20-30 days, Please contact Race Ready Motorsport if you have questions!

There is no getting around it, the OEM brakes on the Fox are pretty horrible.  For years the "go to" option was to upgrade to the Cobra brakes which got you a better PBR caliper and larger rotor.  At the end of the day, those are still OEM components and have limitations. For a car that only sees street duty they will do the job but if you plan on hitting the track, making a proper upgrade in brakes should be high on your list.  

Any big brake kit is going to have a high initial hit to the wallet, but one thing that is never really talked about is "cost per lap".  You can continue to put in expensive track pads with OEM rotors but you will wear through both those components faster than you would if you had a motorsports quality caliper and rotor.  Better calipers and rotors will preserve the pads longer and wear more consistently, saving you money in the long run all while providing braking performance that you will never get from the OEM units. 


  • Fits 87-93 Mustangs WITH SN95 Front Spindles.  
  • 18" wheels are required.


  • 4 Piston Forged ST-40 Caliper
  • 2-Piece Slotted AeroRotors, with Aluminum rotor hats 
  • Stainless Braided Brake lines 
  • 2 Rotor sizes available (332mm / 13.07" & 355mm / 13.98)
  • Pads, brackets, and all hardware needed for installation included


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