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Complete S197 Steering Wheel Kit

Fitting an aftermarket steering wheel is not always as straight forward as it should be.  There's always some minor fitting and fabrication needed to get it just right.  Half of the guess work is just getting all of the correct pieces.  We have seen the same questions asked over and over again on forums and Facebook groups:

"What hub do I need?" and "What quick release do I need?"...

Well Race Ready listened, we have collected all of the parts needed to fit an 05-14 S197 Mustang with a racing steering wheel with relative ease. This kit includes the popular Ford Racing 349mm wheel made by Sparco and paired with NRG's new SFI rated quick release and a NRG short hub.  We even provide all the hardware needed. 

 Check out the install video from Moostang09 and make sure follow his Youtube Channel


  • There is no horn button, if one is required you will have to wire it separately.  There are kits available for remote horn buttons. 
  • By removing the steering wheel your Airbag light will be on.  To turn off the light - "Confirmed that 3 ohm resistors are needed to fix Air Bag light. You need 2. One each between pins #1 and #9 and pins #2 and #10" Black Boss - Track Mustangs online


  • Alcantara Wrapped
  • Black Finish
  • Ford Racing Logo
  • SFI Rated Quick Release
  • Appropriate Hub for the S197 Chassis
  • All Hardware Included

*The photos of the hub adapter may be slightly different than pictured for the S197

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