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C7 Adjustable Camber Kit

A camber kit is a must for any quickly-driven sticky-tire-shod Corvette pounding around a race track. These camber plates replace the factory round eccentric cams in the lower control arms. The factory units make for easy adjustment, but are prone to slipping even when torqued to the factory specs. To see an in-car video of this happening, click here. This is a video of our car at Limerock when an eccentric fully slips while entering West Bend. In addition to added safety, the AMT Camber Kit will push the control arms out in the cradle further than the factory pieces, allowing for a little more negative camber than the stock setup.

This camber kit fits all C7 Corvettes. This is the only kit available that allows adjustment of lower control arms without having to swap plates. There are 6 levels of adjustment within the plates. The kit includes shims for the Front and Rear Upper Control Arm trunions for even more adjustability. Parts are made of 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized for corrosion resistance, and laser engraved with adjustment markings for ease of use. Because the rear caster of the C7 Corvette is extremely important to the overall handling of the car, we include an Upper Stud Kit to be installed with the rear upper control arms. This will allow for the finest adjustment possible of camber and caster using included shims. You may purchase an additional Upper Stud Kit for the front of the car at a reduced price with the camber kit. Camber kit comes with full-color instruction booklet aiding in install and outlining guides for use. All machined parts are Made in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit requires cutting the front-most bolt on the rear lower control arm. A Sawzall makes quick work of the job. However, we also have a non-cut option available for this kit. Please e-mail us for details on the non-cutting version.

Also, if you're going to be running these parts on a track car we highly recommend our adding our Granatelli Adjustable Toe Links. The stock rear toe links run out of adjustment past -2 degrees of camber, and the stock toe link eccentrics are also prone to slipping.

Lifetime Guarantee - If you manage to bend, break, or otherwise destroy any part of the AMT Camber Kit we will replace the offending part free of charge - no questions asked.

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