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C5 Corvette HD Seat Bracket

Mounting aftermarket seats into a Corvette can be a difficult process.  To make that process easier Race Ready Motorsport now offers our very own bracket for the C5.  These HD brackets have been developed and manufactured 100% in house! 

We approached this design with the idea of achieving a few objectives:
  • Create an overly strong bracket and mounting system
  • Get it as low as possible
  • Allow for many different seat options and configurations

To be fair, we do not claim to have the lightest bracket on the market but it is one of the strongest and when it comes to driver/passenger safety we will gladly give up a few pounds.

Please read through the options and fitment notes as we offer a few different configurations! 


- The bracket itself is a single piece 10ga plate compared to multiple pieces of strap metal like some others on the market. 

- We use single piece billet cups fully welded to the bracket VS thin tabs for mounting everything to the chassis.  This supports the bracket better and eliminates flex. 

- The bottom of the bracket consists of two ribs that tie into both the plate and cups to further strengthen the overall design. 

- Provisions are in place for safety harness mounting.  There is also a side tab to retain the OEM seat belt buckle if needed. 

- Both sides of the plate are left blank intentionally.  This allows you to attach both bottom mount or side mount seats at YOUR desired location.  Instead of random mounting holes that might not fit your needs, these areas will give you the opportunity for move the seat forward, back, left, right without having generic slotted mounting holes.  



  • Flat design stands 1" from floor pan.
  • 1 Piece billet cups vs thin tabs for mounting to the car.
  • Works with Side Mount and Bottom Mount Seats. 
  • Safety Harness Provisions.
  • Retain OEM seat belt buckle. 


  • Seat bracket is offered in a flat design and tilted.  Both will work with side mount and bottom mount seats.  That said, if you know that you will be using a bottom mount seat, select the tilted version.  This will result in a more reclined seating position.


  • On the passenger side there is a "Lateral Acceleration Sensor" that will have to be relocated.  You will be required to carefully remove this sensor from under the carpet and relocated it to the seat bracket. 
  • As mentioned above, the sides of the seat bracket are left blank intentionally.  Simply mount the bracket to the car, then set your seat on the bracket, mark and drill the appropriate holes to match your seat.

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