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SA2020 Helmets

Arai GP-7 SRC Helmet SA2020

Introducing the new Arai GP-7. The new GP-7 combines Arai’s proprietary, groundbreaking PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate) shell construction, an ultra-comfortable interior, and a host of new Arai technological solutions that create the latest Arai automotive racing helmet. 

Simply put, it’s hard to imagine a better racing helmet. Combine Arai’s proprietary shell construction -- the same shell shape as the F-1-grid’s GP-7SRC model; more enhanced sculpting of the cheek pads; new ventilation; and on and on – and you get the striking new Arai GP-7. The new shell gives you incredible strength and flexibility, and that strength allows Arai to use an extremely soft EPS liner that’s so comfortable it’ll make you think more about a nap than a race. Right until you strap in, that is. The cheek pads are replaceable for a more personal fit. Up top, the ventilation system is greatly improved with three larger, closeable intake vents, plus four larger exhaust cowls.


  • Snell SA2020 and FIA8859-2015 homologated
  • Neck Restraint Ready
  • Removable / Replaceable Checkpads
  • Drink System Compatible 
  • Vented

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