Sparco EVO-II US

Sparco's EVO line of seats is one of the most commonly used seat due to its versatility.  The EVO comes in three different sizes to accommodate you and your car. 

    The Evo II US has the quality and value you have come to expect in the Evo seat line including a unique shell shape and fiberglass construction that increase rigidity without adding weight. The Evo II US introduces re-engineered seat proportions, which provide greater ergonomics. The result is a seat that is both taller and slightly wider than the EVO for taller drivers. The seat belt slots are also repositioned to sit more level with the driver’s shoulders

    • EVO - Small
    • EVO-II - Medium/Tall
    • EVO-II US - Large

    To give you an idea of how this seat measures up, take a look at this comparison chart.

    Sparco EVO-II US seat dimensions, Race Ready Motorsport (Click to enlarge)

    • Light fiberglass composite shell
    • Re-proportioned seat design provides excellent ergonomics
    • Hans device compatible
    • Fire retardant fabric
    • Special non-slip fabric
    • FIA approved

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