Race Ready Wheel Hubs w/ARP Studs (Fox/SN95)

For a long time now there have been "off the shelf" hubs with premium ARP wheel studs available for the S197 and S550 chassis Mustangs leaving the Fox and SN95 racers to fend for themselves.  Well, that all changes now.  

Race Ready wheel hubs are just that, race ready.  Specifically for 79-93 Mustangs (with SN95 spindles) and 94-04 SN95 Mustangs.  These hubs come with 3" ARP wheel studs preloaded so that you can swap out hubs quickly.  ARP extended wheel studs are very strong and allow the use of wheel spacers if your wheels have an offset that require it. 

For cars that see heavy track use, hubs should be changed out often.  At a minimum they should be part of your spares package when going to the track.  Don't let a failed wheel hub ruin your expensive track weekend.  For the weekend warrior maybe you need an extended wheel stud option but don't have the time or tools to press in wheel studs properly. Race Ready hubs are a great way to minimize down time. 


  • New performance hubs that meet or exceed OEM quality
  • ARP 3" extended wheel studs with quick start tip
  • Ready to bolt in, no modifications needed, saving you down time
  • Allows the use light weight wheel spacers safely


  • The spindle hub nut is considered "one time use" and should be replaced when changing wheel hubs. 
  • Open end lug nuts required 


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