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Getting fixed back race seats into a car is not as easy as it looks sometimes.  Careful consideration for the door panels and center console need to be taken into consideration unless you plan on gutting the interior. 

The OMP RS-PT2 has one of the narrowest overall widths of all the popular brands of seats. The narrow width makes it a perfect race seat for cars like C5/C6 Corvettes and the MX5 Miata. 

The OMP RS-PT2 is constructed in fiberglass with integrated side helmet protection. Revised in recently with 20mm added to the girth of the seat. Completely upholstered in velvet. Integrated side helmet restraints, padded with energy absorbing materials. High side bolsters. Five seat belt openings and 4 side fixing points (type W). FIA 8855-1999 Approved.

Seat Dimensions can be found HERE

  • Weight: 10.4 kg.
  • Shaped safety headrest
  • Large harness slots
  • Removable back cushion
  • High side bolsters for lateral leg support for higher protection
  • Removable leg cushion
  • Fiberglass shell with side fixing points Hans® compatible

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