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OMP Competition 6pt Harness, 3" Belts

When selecting a harness its tough to see the differences on paper, they all look the same and have the same functionality.  That said, not all harnesses are created equal.  Things to look for are the type of locking mechanism, quality of materials, and the construction. 

The OMP 804F race belt system is a 6 point harness manufactured from lightweight webbing with light steel and aluminium adjusters. The OMP 804F shoulder and lap straps are 3in. wide and have clip in fixings, which can be removed from the shoulder straps for roll bar attachment. Other features on the 804F harness include intercom cable fasteners on the shoulder belts and pull loops on the lap straps for easier adjustment. The aircraft style quick release buckle is constructed from magnesium alloy making it one of the lightest buckles available. The OMP 804F Leggera is HANS compatible providing a versatile solution for use with, or without a HANS device. FIA 8853/98 Approved. Available in red, blue, or black. 


  • 3" lap and shoulder straps
  • Light-weight adjuster for smooth and quick tensioning
  • Snap-in Kit Mounting included
  • FIA 8854/98 Approved

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