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MCS Double Adjustable Coilovers - Fox w/Cobra IRS Swap

The Fox Mustang continues to be a popular chassis in many forms of racing despite their age.  A car that's fairly inexpensive, small by today's standards, light weight, and has the potential to make big power with your choice of engine packages continues to make this car one that's very competitive.  

If you visit forums or Facebook pages that focus on building these cars for the track you'll quickly notice that there's a fairly standard road map of parts most people use to get these cars to handle.  Many of these parts were designed 10-15+ years ago, and while they still get the job done today there are a few areas that could stand to be updated to today's technology and performance levels.  Dampers are one of those areas!  

A Motorsports grade damper system is no longer just for the newer cars. If you are serious about tracking your Fox Mustang and looking for a competitive advantage over the rest of the crowd, a set of Motion Control Suspension double adjustable dampers will do just that. 

Race Ready Motorsport has put together the most complete MCS kit for this chassis on the market and we know what fits. Although you can buy just the dampers, it is highly recommended that they are ordered with the supporting components.  Fitting these on your Mustang without the supporting parts is possible but may require you to make/modify your own parts.  


- Camber plates: If you already have Maximum Motorsports camber plates, you will need the correct upper spring perches and spacers to adapt them to the MCS strut. If you currently have a different brand camber plates you will need to make/modify your own parts for fitment. 

- Rear Upper Shock Mounts: It is highly recommended to use the Maximum Motorsports spherical upper mounts.  They remove deflection caused by the soft rubber upper mount found in stock applications. They do require modification to the rear shock tower that is not easily reversible. Using the racing upper mount in conjunction with the specific spacers and upper spring perch will minimize any fitment issues. 

- Springs: MCS shocks can support many different spring rates, typically higher rates than other coilovers on the market as well.  Considerations for overall vehicle weight, engine weight. preferred tires, and aero loads should be considered before selecting a spring rate. Please contact us if you would like assistance! 

- Fitment: The upper springs perches for the front struts and rear shocks have been designed to provide the most amount of clearance possible within both the struts tower and rear shock tower.  Depending on manufacturing differences from Ford slight modifaction to those ares may still be needed. 

- Production: MCS Shocks are built to order and can take roughly 2-3 weeks to be assemble. All shock sales are final once in production. Canceled orders may be subject to a cancellation fee of 15% of the dampers price. 


Check out some of the features you will only find with MCS.

MCS shocks are Motorsports grade dampers designed, engineered, and built right here in the USA. There's a reason why they are the spec shock for many different competition series including Spec Iron, Spec E46, NASA NP01, and more.  You will also find MCS dampers on many pro level cars running in IMSA both in the GT and ST classes as well as many Touring Car series around the world. 

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