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CTS-V Harness Bar

Introducing our V1 CTS-V Harness Bar!

Mounting safety harnesses in your V has never been easier.  This bar mounts to factory location in the B-Pillar so there's no need to cut, drill, or weld anything to the chassis.  Adjustable rod end support bars maintain tension to eliminate any potential roll or twist on harness bar.  

Our bar is set back to allow a full range of motion for the seats so that taller drives can still get into a seating position that works well for them.  Best of all these harness bars are designed and manufactured 100% in house 


  • Chassis mounted design
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable rod end support bars
  • CNC cut brackets
  • Powder coated finish
  • No cutting, welding, or drilling needed
  • Harness stays keep your safety harnesses in line with your seat


  • For V1 CTS-V
  • Slight trimming (or removal) of B-Pillar plastics will be needed 

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