Cosmis XT-005R (Fox/SN95 18x9F/18x10R)

Within the last few years Cosmis Racing Wheels has been making a name for itself  with a growing line of great looking wheels.  Many of their wheels have some extreme fitments and offsets, but one of their most popular wheels has is a perfect fit for the Fox and SN95.

This set of Cosmis XT-005R 18x9 Front and 18x10 Rear will allow you to run up to 315s out back! These wheels also have a large range of finish options to match the look of your car as well!


  • For the Foxbody, There are many variables depending on your particular set up.  18x9 / 18x10 set up will work with the use of Fox length axles. Some modifications may still be needed in the form of a slight fender roll, the use of spacers, the removal of rear quad shock, etc depending on your particular car and tire choice.