BBK Mass Air Meter, (fits 86-93)

BBK Performance has been a leader in bolt on performance for the Fox chassis since 1988.  They were the first company to develop and sell aftermarket intakes and throttle bodies for Mustangs back when fuel injection was all new.  Today they are still a trusted name for quality and performance.

BBK Mass Air Flow Meters or MAF sensors allow for accurate air/fuel ratio monitoring and are pre-programed for your specific application.  These sensors are plug and play and install is just minutes. 


    • For use on 86-88 cars when converting to mass air from speed density. 
    • The BBK MAF sensor has the rectangular 6-pin connector common to the 96-04 Mustang. BBK includes a plug-and-play adapter that allows the stock 4-pin oval harness connector to mate with the 6-pin rectangular MAF connector.

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