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Project Side Piece - Volume 1

November 23, 2017 1 Comment

Embarking on any new project can be a daunting but exciting task.  Starting on a project though requires a goal and focus otherwise its fairly easy to go off the rails. A few years ago I sold my 3 valve S197 as I felt that I had reached a crossroads with that car.  The chassis was great and it was extremely predictable, but the writing was on the wall...I was down on HP compared to my competition.  The options I felt I had were to either build up the 4.6L 3v, swap the motor for a Coyote 5.0, or to part ways and sell the car.  Seeing that building a 4.6L is super expensive compared to other platforms, and that a Coyote 5.0 swap was only going to net me the same HP as every other 2011+ Mustang it didn't make much sense to go that route.  So the part-out began on the S197 and the bench racing of what would be next started. Reality went out the window and two plans were formed.

I’ve always been a fan of the Foxbody Mustang and as luck would have it I had one buried in the yard at my old home in New Hampshire.  The car was purchased years ago for the drivetrain which found its way into a Factory Five Cobra (save that for another day).  Even though I hadn't seen the car in forever, revisionist history convinced me that the rest of the chassis was fairly clean so I felt that I might be able to turn it into the successor to the S197.  As crazy as it may be, I made the decision to get a trailer and drive to NH from TX for a “quick” 3,600 mile, 3 day, round trip to scoop up the Fox.  I know that I must have passed no less than 1 million other Foxbody Mustangs along the way but this trip gave me the chance to see some old friends, see my Father, and save a Fox.  

At the same time (never advisable)...I also toyed with the scheme to build an SCCA CAM-S “boogyman” car.  I decided that I would try my hand at a full tube chassis ‘32 Ford 3 window coupe. The plan was to build something super light, with custom suspension, perfect geometry and make corvette owners very upset. I came up on a very good deal for a ‘32 Ford body and started hoarding parts for it.  With the idea of the ‘32 being the “Halo” car the Fox earned the name “Side Piece”.  I wasn't going to kick it out of the shop but the plan wasn't to dedicate too much attention to it.  That all changed once again when the Fox that was brought back from NH found its way onto the lift. It was quickly apparent that the Mustang was not as “Race Ready” as I had remembered it.

The name Side Piece stuck but it was now the “main chick”.  Cars die a slow death when they sit, and this Fox had been sitting in the elements for years.  Before any performance modifications could even be attempted, a full restoration was in order.  The 32 Ford body was sold and my focus finally settled in on turning the Fox Body into the next race car.

 Project Side Piece is in the process of going through a complete transformation.  I will be covering the build right here on RRM providing updates and talking about the different products that will be used on this build!

Thanks for reading and I hope the information that follows helps with your project!

Jon @ RRM

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November 23, 2017

What?! That’s it?? I want more! Great post Jon, looking forward to reading many more updates on project “Side Piece” and hearing specifics of the build. I have always wanted to have a Foxbody project of my own one day.


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